About Anti-Shadow Ban

Do you remember the days of slavery?” — Burning Spear

What If The Content You See Online Isn’t The Only Content Available

Everything you seek is on the internet, yet big technology doesn’t want you to find the truth. Many hidden gems are waiting for your discovery.

Free your mind. This site curates content that is difficult to find in search engines. While not controversial, it is an eclectic blend of news, how-to, and insights.

While there is advertising on this site, it is minimal. This resource is sponsored by contributors, patrons, and private clients. But that doesn’t mean it is biased.

We Are About Your Privacy; Block Advertisements If You Wish (But We Still Track Your Every Move)

Web visitor analytics is important to improve site performance, identify valuable content, and deliver helpful resources for regular visitors. Here’s how to opt out.

Use an Ad Blocking browser plug-in if you don’t want to be tracked, profiled, and packaged. Privacy browser, including Tor Project, works here.

As a business, install pi-hole DNS or content filtering for advertising. Cisco Umbrella lets you block ads by DNS, but they track your browsing.

This site is also pro-VPN friendly. If you use any of these tools and CANNOT access this site, that’s on your internet provider.

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