A map showing the festival layout for AFRAM Juneteenth 2023 in Baltimore MD around Druid Hill Lake.

Can You Trust Them to Censor When They Have So Much to Hide?

Not everything makes it to the news. Music festival swarmed by flying insects while Baltimore City Police helicopters were overhead. Connection?

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Have You Heard The News? Helicopters Drop Mosquitoes on Festival

Yes, police helicopters were confirmed overhead by flight tracking services. Yet, it is unclear if the insects were a swarm of mosquitoes or gnats. The footage is telling.

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Demetra Kaye. Baltimore Festival Attendees Claim A Helicopter Dropped Mosquitoes On Them During Juneteenth Weekend. (YouTube, 5:54)

It wouldn’t be the first time mosquitoes were released on the US population to see what might happen. A government was experimenting on citizens.

The bigger question isn’t “Were there swarms of mosquitoes?“. It’s “What protects citizens from government manipulation and experiments?

Especially when both government and commercial interests seek to release biologically engineered mosquitoes.

According to an article in Smithsonian Magazine, biotech firm Oxitec seeks to release non-biting male GMO mosquitoes. They claim these mosquitoes can only produce male offspring.

Them: The Media, Government, And Big Corporations With Something To Gain

What leads a person to believe they can change nature without consequences? The EPA approved in 2020 for Oxitec to start testing genetically modified mosquitoes in the Florida Keys.

Non-biting male mosquitoes swarm for mating purposes. It’s not clear if what swarmed festival goers was environmental or introduced. The swarming behavior is consistent with mosquitoes.

With such news, it is reasonable to believe some kind of biological agent was released. The festival attendees are a known population that can be tracked from ticket sales.

Indeed, mosquito swarms can suddenly show up. With video evidence, this newsworthy event is barely covered anywhere. Independent journalists lead the way.

A Historical Precedent for Not Trusting Them to Do You Good

If there were no violations of trust, your first thought wouldn’t be a conspiracy. Thinking the government has done wrong has a lot of evidence.

Not the government, but big corporations, three-letter agencies, and pharmaceutical companies. Here are other events that lead credibility to the claim.

  • Between 1955 and 1956, the residents of Florida’s Carver Village were plagued with Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. The Army Chemical Corps at Fort Detrick, Maryland, bred the swarm. The mosquitoes carried yellow fever and dengue fever. Operation Big Buzz was seeking to determine if insects could be weaponized.
  • The Tuskegee Study subjected Black men in Alabama to untreated syphilis without informed consent. Health Departments theatrically provided ineffective treatments. This long-term study was intended to determine the effect of untreated disease on the population.
  • Crack cocaine was introduced to black communities in the 1980s, which according to the U. S. Department of Justice, was a CIA-sponsored experiment. Crack cocaine disrupted families, killed millions, and fueled a war on drugs that cost billions. Profits from selling these drugs went towards funding Latin American guerrilla armies and cartels.

The list is much longer, considering what media covered up regarding corporations. At least increase the probability of credible suspicion.

These experiments on the civilian population create vaccine hesitancy, suspicion, and waste government resources. It’s experimentation without informed consent.

That’s why shadow banning is so dangerous. These kinds of experiments could be ongoing. Without independent journalism, there would be a record.

A more informed citizen can vote in their best interest. To be informed, information must be available. This even protects against false information as well. Awareness is necessary.

If you are a publisher of independent journalism with questions about expanding your reach, call or write with your questions. Your awareness of shadow banning is essential.


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