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Content From the Homestead Skills Movement, Technologies Worst Nightmare

What is the homesteading skills movement? Historically the Homestead Movement promoted the unrestricted ownership of land in the Midwest, Great Plains, and West by people willing to settle that land. Modern homesteading is about food security, financial independence, and physical security.

Why Do Big Technology Companies Ban Homesteading Skills Content?

Successful homesteaders set goals. They exhibit patience, resilience, resourcefulness, and lifetime learning. The movement is about taking responsibility for your future while learning to cultivate routines that establish freedom and liberty, at least on your land.

Rundown homestead house with rusty tin roof
homestead by Out of Ideas is licensed under CC BY SA 20

Content that advocates freedom contradicts the consumerism culture that makes social media, search, and mainstream media profitable. Homesteaders tend to be conservative or politically libertarian. That’s problematic.

The Homestead Movement is associated with manifest destiny and the displacement of indigenous peoples of North America. Yet modern homesteaders represent a diverse range of individuals from all walks of life.

Many critics ignore how The Homestead Act of 1862 parceled out millions of actors of land to US citizens. This includes women, African Americans, freed slaves, and immigrants.

Examples of Homesteading Skills Content You Aren’t Finding in the Search Engines

The following represents a sample of homesteading skills content curated here. Not all topics are homesteading and agricultural-specific. Related topics include hunting, growing mushrooms, and outdoor living.

As you can see, many of these topics are helpful for everyday life. Homesteading skills are helpful if you enjoy the outdoors and quality food. These skills include household management, fermentation, and growing your food.

Those Who Seek Out Homesteading Skills Content Also Want Other Shadow-Ban-Worthy Topics

Visitors to homesteading skills websites include both urban and rural families. Many young adults make these skills part of their daily life.

Secret rundown cabin in the woods with empty corral
Secret Cabin by deborahsoltesz is marked with CC0 10

These individuals will endure hardship to realize their dream of personal freedom. That scares search engines, social media, and mainstream media.

A lot of outdoor activities distract from the attention economy. Excellent homesteading skills are often buried in favor of climate change and country living feel-good content.

Those who are self-sufficient tend not to put up with government ignorance and may even be into the survival skills content category too.



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