Is the United States Paying For Propaganda Against Investigative Journalists?

Governments worldwide are cracking down on independent and opposition media. To counter-narratives, government-funded fake news battles truth and opposition.

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Investigative journalist Lee Fang exposes the spearing of pro-peace voices in the media, including covert public relations campaigns on behalf of government agencies.

US taxpayer dollars are funding outlets like VOX Ukraine, which promotes aggressive messages against peace advocates. How is this possible?

Media Bias Against Investigative Journalism and Smearing of Pro-Peace Voices

It doesn’t matter if you publish online or on television. The military-industrial complex wants you quiet. Say the wrong thing; you could be banned or discredited.

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U.S. Gov’t Paying For Ukraine SMEAR Operation Against Jimmy Dore! w/ Lee Fang (YouTube, 30:22)

US taxpayer dollars are funding outlets in Ukraine that promote aggressive messages and smear pro-peace voices. Where else is this happening?

These outlets receive funding from the Americans, who have committed $44.1 billion in foreign aid to Ukraine. (DETAILS: How Much Aid Has the U.S. Sent Ukraine?)

Jimmy Dore highlights examples of the smears and censorship of dissenting voices. As well as the US government’s involvement in shaping the discourse and influencing American foreign policy.

What Can You Do To Stand Up Against Government-Sponsored Propaganda

Another way to shadow-ban content is to bury it in counter-narratives. Propaganda forms that narrative.

No matter how you are silenced, these methods harm freedom of speech—your support of independent media matters.

Readers must hold all media accountable in the fight to reduce the impact of misinformation. Do not seek to ban any speech in public or private.

Critical thinking allows you to filter out what is false while seeking truth. Use the follow the money and who-benefits methods to identify undue influence.

What’s terrible about this is the American people are paying for this propaganda. Taxpayer dollars are funding these wars, which have become a disaster for many people.

Don’t allow media bias to sabotage your decision-making. Educate yourself, protect your content, and support those who tell the truth.

Lee Hu Fang is an American journalist. He was an investigative reporter at The Intercept, a contributing writer at The Nation, and a writer at the Progressive outlet The Republic Report. He began his career as an investigative blogger for ThinkProgress. Learn more at

Jimmy Dore is an American stand-up comedian, political commentator, and YouTube personality. He hosts The Jimmy Dore Show, a comedy talk show on YouTube where he interviews political, economic, or scientific guests. Learn more at

Highlights for “U.S. Gov’t Paying For Ukraine SMEAR Operation Against Jimmy Dore! w/ Lee Fang “

  • 0:52 — US taxpayer dollars are funding outlets in Ukraine that smear pro-peace voices.
  • 3:24 — US taxpayers’ money is being used to send funding to Vox Ukraine, a garbage news outlet.
  • 6:15 — The Ukrainian government has cracked down on independent and opposition media with US aid.
  • 8:45 — The US-backed anti-disinformation groups in Ukraine are targeting American critics and censoring dissenting speech.
  • 12:30 — American foreign policy may be influenced by these Ukrainian groups, which go after prominent critics of the mainstream narrative.
  • 15:50 — The FBI worked with the Ukrainian intelligence agency to go after American journalists critical of US policy in Ukraine.
  • 18:10 — The power dynamic at play is not transparent; these actions are often carried out without public knowledge.

Key Insights

  • Reveals how US taxpayer dollars are being used to fund outlets in Ukraine that promote aggressive messages and smear pro-peace voices. This raises concerns about using public funds to support propaganda and manipulate public opinion.
  • The Ukrainian government, with the help of US aid, has cracked down on independent and opposition media, arresting journalists and banning opposition outlets. This highlights the erosion of free speech and freedom of the press in Ukraine.
  • The involvement of US-backed anti-disinformation groups in Ukraine not only targets American critics but also potentially influences American foreign policy. This raises questions about the extent of foreign influence on domestic discourse and policy decisions.
  • The collaboration between the FBI and Ukrainian intelligence to target American journalists critical of US policy in Ukraine showcases the blurred lines between national security interests and press freedom. It also highlights the potential misuse of intelligence agencies for political purposes.
  • The lack of transparency in these actions, with information only coming to light through leaks and changes in social media ownership, raises concerns about accountability and the need for greater public scrutiny of government-funded initiatives.
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