No Monetization for You! YouTube Cuts Off Family-Friendly Channel

On the theme of big technology seeing creators as a commodity. This wholesome family channel is facing dire straights. Why would YouTube demonetize this?

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It Doesn’t Take Much for YouTube to Cut Off Monetization

The 30-day suspension of Tribal People Try, a popular cultural channel with unique and exciting family-friendly content.

The channel’s theme is tribal people trying different foods and music. It’s an opportunity for viewers to learn about their culture as much as the cast to experience new things.

Nothing is more wholesome than getting to understand other cultures. In doing this, they break down misconceptions and stereotypes without being edgy.

YouTube detected unusual traffic, shutting down channel monetization. Now the editors and cast risk losing a business. The kind of business that is life-changing for tribal people.

Publisher Explains Impact of Wholesome Family-Friendly Content Being Demonetized

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Tribal People Try. The End of Tribal People Try (YouTube, 9:31)

Income from the channel sends children to school. Advertising revenue provides healthy work for cast members. The channel supports many families.

The publisher is pivoting to generate revenue through the “Tribal People Try” Patreon and other platforms.

One thing that may be distressing to YouTube is the conservative nature of cast members. These tribal people represent different regions of Pakistan.

Was Demonetization a Mistake of the Algorithm or Something More Sinister?

With frequent praises of Allah (SWT) and mention of Muhammad (PBUH) cast members show appreciation. Not all cast members practice Islam. Nor has any content been evangelical.

They are polite when addressing disagreement, but the channel is not political. The channel review of European and American food provides interesting food comparisons.

It’s likely the channel picked up new visitors from a country that is outside of primary markets. Likely an algorithm is triggering demonetization, not a spiteful individual that hates wholesome programming.

As the publisher details, it will take months to get back on track. This harms the livelihood of everyone involved for something they cannot control. They know they have been demonetized.

Rather than receiving a shadow ban, they can pivot into new revenue channels. That may not be the case with your business YouTube channel.

Act fast if you suspect a shadow ban or unfair demonetization has hit you. This will happen more with big technology using AI or algorithmic decision-making.

One event like this can signal the downfall of your business.

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