Because Search Doesn’t Index Everything

A big problem for marketers, journalists, and content creators is shadow-banning. With billions of content pages created daily, technical issues limit search engines from indexing all content.

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Does Shadow Banning Exist? Here’s What We Know

Those telling you shadow banning doesn’t exist aren’t likely writing anything of meaning. Technical factors alone: not all the content you publish will be found on search or social media platforms. Something more is necessary.

Scope of the Shadow Banning Problem

In many cases, shadow banning is a First Amendment and free speech issue. While social media and video-sharing platforms are private, universal access is expected. But it is more complex than that.

These platforms monetize with the sale of advertising. They want the largest, most diverse audience possible. Yet they also face regulatory pressure, have a political bias, and exercise reputational management.

What is Shadow Banning?

The blocking or partial blocking of content for an online community, blog, or news media without their awareness. It is also known as stealth banning, hellbanning, or ghost banning. Learn more …

Sometimes, shadow banning is deliberate; other times, it is due to competition and technical issues. That’s why publishers need to educate themselves about these issues.

Can Anything Be Done To Reach Readers Despite Bans and Censorship

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