Shadow-Banned Websites Without RSS Feeds

We curate shadow-banned websites from across the Internet. These sites don’t show consistently in searches. Many are hidden on the public internet.

These sites tend to be critical of big search, big technology, or big pharmaceuticals. Yet, in an open world, why would any website get less opportunity than another?

Hard To Find Websites That Seem To Be Shadow-Banned

Because this website uses RSS feeds to syndicate headlines from shadow-banned websites, these sites can not be easily added to automation. In no particular order, here are additional sites of note:

There is irony in backlinks from a website that curates shadow-banned materials. This website won’t appear in search engines due to that association.

How To Make The Internet A More Inclusive Place

Please encourage these sites to add RSS feeds. This helps promote and access their websites outside of the prominent search ecosystem. The use of RSS standard feeds improves internet usability.

Topical shadow banning exists. Important topics like homesteading skills, computer security, financial independence, and natural health are hard to find online. Search is dominated by the “popular opinion” of a few.

This is a living document. New websites will be added as they are found. Contact us to submit your suggestions. Too many believe if you cannot find it on the internet, then it isn’t real.

But what if not everything you search for is online? Worse, what if some of what you seek is purposely hidden so you cannot find it? In the search for truth, shadowbanning is one of the many ways the powerful hide inconvenient truths.

CAVEAT: The curators of Anti-Shadowban focus on specific political, informational, and self-help topic areas. Not all sites will be considered for inclusion, even when legitimately omitted from search engines.





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